2013-04-09 02:55:04 by DigitalStrip

is terrible and then you die


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2013-04-09 03:39:37

2 b sure


2013-04-09 03:44:32

It's terrible until you make it better. The only thing you really have to do eventually is die, so better make the most of it until then!

DigitalStrip responds:

i guess


2013-04-09 22:38:24

Which is why you gotta fuck as many bitches as you can.

(Updated ) DigitalStrip responds:

Thats cool bro


2013-04-09 23:08:53

You dropping that knowledge Dig. Dropping that knowledge.

(Updated ) DigitalStrip responds:

yeah thanks


2013-04-10 17:21:29

Don't be a pessimist bro, we Black and we FREE + Obama ! We got it good compared to our ancestors and sum other nigs; good time to be alive mane

DigitalStrip responds:

i am glad you think that way


2013-04-11 21:59:44

I like you hair cut btw

DigitalStrip responds:

That was l picture was taken like from 2 or 3 months ago. The DS is gone now... Anyway thank you