Movie by Digital Strip and new art soon!

2013-02-27 18:29:29 by DigitalStrip

Yeah I am still a newbie

But I am still rolling up like a beat up hooptie

DS symbol cut in my head like Nintendo's gonna shoot me

I think I am forsaken because it feels like I am living in a bad movie yo

Hopefully they roll the credits soon; I'm just waiting for the end though.

I don't care about money. I just make this stuff for expression. People say they are emo but they have literally felt no depression. I could say names but I won't mention. I am an outcast so my days feel long like hair extensions. Nothing is simple. Everyone contradicts themselves, your ugly but you really judgmental. I don't smoke trees so I guess I'm not environmental. People hate you when you try to be yourself. I told him I didn't feel like participating and he said he left his bag of fucks on the shelf.

This is for the pariahs that are never on anyone's social roster and the kids who get picked on and need a bodyguard, Kevin Costner. My mind is home for the imaginaries like foster's. I don't get girls because I am not douche bag that wears Abercrombie and Hollister.

Thats all I got so far......

Anyways when I am not working on music I am drawing stuff! I should be able to post new art soon

-Digital Strip

Movie by Digital Strip and new art soon!


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2013-02-27 19:09:09

Yo,you stay killin shit bro :) I enjoyed this tremendously

DigitalStrip responds:

Thanks bro! I try my best


2013-03-03 10:17:09

That was actually good. I like what you said their.

Did you draw that pic in your post?

DigitalStrip responds:

no. it is a text version of my face that i made in photoshop


2013-03-09 17:43:58

Have you tried flash yet? ^_^

DigitalStrip responds:

no no